Hello there and welcome to There Is No why, it’s great to see you here.

There Is No Why was founded in the summer of 2015 as a creative project, and has now evolved into a literary blog that features:

  • Original short stories
  • Original Poetry
  • General Poetry
  • Literary Quotes
  • Short Script
  • Blog series
  • Articles

The blog series WRITE OUR AGE documents the highs and lows of writing and everything in-between, I will be writing about many aspects to do with the art over the coming months, tackling issues such as Self-Doubt, Character Names and Inspiration. Leave a message in the comments if you wish to request a post on a specific subject, I’d love to hear from you!

I’m always happy to hear from you, so feel free to email me: thereisnowhyblog@gmail.com

or message me on this blog’s Facebook page (@thereisnowhyblog – page also in footer)

stop by on Twiiter via – @TINWBlog

or Instagram via – @thereis_nowhy

see you around!



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